Sprecher & Synchronschauspieler
Oliver Bender
Spielfilm Nous trois ou rien, Grease, Dragons, Those who can`t wait, Before we go,  Bastille,Unfriended, The long long holiday, Love&Mercy, derniere echappee,  Tjockare an vatten, Insurgent, Bride Flight, Presecuted, Jimi, Men Woman  Children, Ouija, Love&Hate, Rengaine, Leviathan, Tribute von Panem III, Fury,  Undercover Bridesmaid, When the Game stands tall, Dark World II, The normal  Heart, This is a robbery, Men of the Strip, Transformers IV, Godzilla,  Mindscape, Cold War, Hangover Girls, RoboCop, Dallas Buyers Club, Private  Peaceful, Paranormal Activity, Frutival Station, Dicte, Oldboy, Battle of the  Year, Alias Caracalla, Carrie, Last Vegas, Thor II, Bad Grandpa, Delivery Man,  The book thief, The fith State, Christman Planner, Fresh Meat, Two Guns, Wolf  of  Wallstreet, Stuck in Love, Slip & Slide, Frances Ha, The Internship,  Paulette,  Now you see me, A common man, L'Etat, Teenbeach, The State, Hick,  George Gently, Stranded, Lawman, Grown Ups II, GI:Joe II, Copper, Warm Bodies,  Huit fois debout, Hypnotiseur, Parker, The Sapphires, The Spy, Senior skip day,  Populair, Quartet, CloClo, Janky Promoters, Youth, The Magic of Belle Isle, Red  Tails, Chasing Mavericks, Love'n'dancing, Der Wolken Atlas, Die Sonne die uns  taeuscht, Daydream Nation, Damsels, Jeff who lives at home, 21 Jump Street, RA  One, Perfect Teacher, Perfect Roomate, The Sitter, 2headed Shark Attack, Snow  White, The Hunger Games, 17 Filles, Borrowers, Projekt X, Take Shelter,  Sherlock Holmes 2, Ticket Out, Perfect Sense, In Time, War Horse, Wasted on the  young, Everything must go, Miami Magma, Money Ball, Happy Rutsch, Die Beute,  Matching Jack, Happiness Runs,  Area 51, Weather Wars, x, 4,3,2,1, Lucky  Trouble, Four Lions, Fingerprints, Forgot me not, S.S.D., Phantom Commando 2,  Die Schlacht an der Newa, war fighter, Valkyrie, 7eventy 5ive, The Doorman, Der  Graben, reen River Killer 
Serie  Grandfathered, American Story, The Avatars, Endangered Species, Father Brown,  The mysteries of Laura, Banana, Togetherness, Powers, Happy Valley, Chicago PD,  NCSI New Orleans, Saving Hope, The Librarians, Helix, Deadbeat, Covert Affairs,  Sleepy Hollow, Forever 106, Peaky Blinders, Reckless, The Goldbergs, Fosters,  The last Ship, Smash, Gran Hotel, Chicago Fire, The Office, Anger Management,  Tomorrow People, The Crazy Ones, Shameless, Grimm, Elementary, Rizzoli & Isles,  Legit, Gran Hotel, Luther, The Americans, Ben & Kate, Good Wife, Oz, Orange is  the new Black, Black Mirror, Secret State, Michal J. Fox Show, Borgias, Groove  High, Power Rangers, TrueBlood, il etais une fois, Californication, Womans  Murder Club, My Bosses   Daughter, Odyseus, Smallville, Austin & Ally, Grey's  Anatomy, The Slap, Beauty and the Beast, Vikings, Underemployed, Nashville,  Shamless, Park and Recreations, Up all night, Vampire Diaries, Private  Practise, Client List, Accused, Teen Mom, The Mentalist, Homeland, Monday  Mornings, Nurse Jacky, New Girl, Necessary Roughness, Fred the show, Really Me,  House of Lies, Common Law, New Girl, The Killing, One tree hill, Parenthood,  Teenage Werwolf, Psych, Revenge, Memphis Beat, The Middle, Mad Men, Falling  Skies, Dr.House, Criminal Minds, Entourage, Level Up, Spooks, King, Body of  Proof, Law & Order, Dexter, Ringer,   Castle, Life with Boys, Blue Bloods,  Hawaii Five 0, CSI NY, Big Love IV, The Event, Supah Ninjas, Misfits, Jersey  Shore, CSI Las Vegas, Degrassi, Glee, CSI Miami, Bones, Beeing Human, Gossip  Girl, Beeing Erica, Victorious, Big Time Rush, MTV Made, Wining It, Polizeiruf  110, Less then Perfect 
Zeichentrick Bibi & Tina, Dragon Ball Kai, Black Butler, Doc McStuffins, Sofia the First,  Thunderbirds, Harvey Beaks, Sanjay&Craig, Star Wars Rebells, American Dad, The  7D, Calimero, High School DxD, Lego Ninjago, Nina needs to go, Daltons, YuGiOh  Zexal, Peter Rabbit, Pokeman Origins, Btooom, Sally Bollywood, Tom & Gerry -   Giant Adventure, Randy Cunningham, BeyBladeShogunSteel, Unsupervised,   Max  Steel, Gravity Falls, Monster University, Martha Speaks, Rogue Hero, YuGiOh!,  Wingx Club, Arthur, X-Men, Hoshi, Kenshin, Pound Puppies, Johnny Test, Rojin Z,  Maid Sama, Spongebob, Nicker Kicker  
Dokumentationen Travel Channel Bass Fishing, Travel Channel House Hunters, Travel Channel  Grounds, E! Ultimate, E! Hollywood Cycle, E! I'm Caitlyn, E! Clippers, E!  Hollywood Medium, E! Rich Kids, E! Botched, E! Escape Club, Travel Channel,  History Channel, E!  Travel Channel Rock my RV, E! Eric & Jessie, Travel  Channel Magic Man, Travel Channel Man vs World, The Wanted Life, History  Channel Pawn Stars, Travel Channel Piha Rescue, Travel Channel Off Limits, E!  News Special Kardashians, E! Playing with Fire, Kimora House of Fab, E! Chasing  the Saturdays, E! Kourtney & Kim take Miami, E! Nicki   Minaj, E! Joan knows  best, E!Made in Chelsea, E! Jonas Brothers, E! Chicagolicious, E! Glam Fairy,  E! Joane & Melissa, E! Life from the red carpet, E! World's juciest celebrity  Scandels and Split, E! A-List listings, E! Dirty Soap, Growing up in Hollywood,  Made Royals, E! World's sexiest Supernaturals, E! Khloe & Lamar, Fascinating  celebrity Weddings, E! World's extreme celebrity Transformations, E!  The  Worlds best Break-Up's Rebounds, E! Jerseylicious, E! World's sexiest Bodies,   When girls kill, Crime on Campus, Scouted to Stardom, E! Biggest Scandals ever,  E! Bethenny Frankel, E! Ice Loves Coco, E! Psychic Hollywood, E! How Hollywood  Helps, E! News Special, E! Opening Act, E! Tim Tebow, E! Giuliana Rancic, E!  Kobe Bryant, E!The Worlds best  Break-Up's, E! The  The World's sexiest  Couples, The World's sexiest Couples, Weltrelgionen Jerusalem, Heilige Staedte  – Lhasa 
Hoerspiele  Liebe im Ersten Semester (RS2)
Computerspiele  Total War Rome II, 2weiStein
Werbung  VW UP!, WetterOnline, Smart, Amazon Fire Tv, SRH Hochschule Hamm, Berliner  Kurier & Zeitung, SRH Hochschule Heidelberg, Berliner Morgenpost,  ClearAction4Men, Hollywood Tour (Movie Park Germany) 
Sprecherziehung & Stimmbildung Christiane Heinrich, Juergen Elbers, Engelbert von Nordhausen
Synchronbuchungen: Office of Arts Telefon: +49 30 609 84 61 00 02  Termin online buchen
Synchron: Orange is the new black
Synchron: diverse
Werbespot: Coke Zero
Funkspot: Eurotrainer
Dokumentation: diverse
Hoerspiel: Star Trek
Tutorial: Amazon Fire TV
Imagefilm: SRH Hochschule
Synchron: Glee
Werbung: Wetter Online
Happy Valley